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For Evolutionary insights from studies of geographic variation: Establishing a baseline and looking ahead to future change

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Bellemare, Jesse (1 Abstract)
Busch, Jeremiah (1 Abstract)
Etterson, Julie R (1 Abstract)
Etterson, Julie R. (1 Abstract)
Herlihy , Chris R (1 Abstract)
Jahnke, Matthew (1 Abstract)
Marshall, Elizabeth (1 Abstract)
Mazer, Susan J (1 Abstract)
Moeller, David (1 Abstract)
Schneider, Heather (2 Abstracts)
Sexton, Jason (1 Abstract)
Soper Gorden , Nicole L (1 Abstract)
Soper-Gorden, Nicole (1 Abstract)
Weber, Jennifer (1 Abstract)
Winkler, Katharine (1 Abstract)

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