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Conservation Biology

Zhang, Libing [1].

Overview of Flora of China.

Flora of China contains 31,362 species of vascular plants in 3,328 genera and 312 families, of which 2,129 species are ferns and lycophytes, 237 are gymnosperms, and 28,995 are angiosperms. Just under 50% of these species are endemic to China. The 10 largest families are Asteraceae (2,336 spp.), Poaceae (1,795 spp.), Fabaceae (1,673 spp.), Orchidaceae (1,388 spp.), Rosaceae (950 spp.), Ranunculaceae (921 spp.), Cyperaceae (865 spp.), Ericaceae (826 spp.), Lamiaceae (807 spp.), and Liliaceae (726 spp.). The 25 largest families contain 19,494 species, i.e., 62% of total species of the flora. The 37 largest genera, with over 100 species, include 7,624 species, almost a quarter of the total species. The five most species-rich provinces are Yunnan (14,186 spp.), Sichuan (9,383 spp.), Guangxi (6,916 spp.), Xizang (6,756 spp.), and Guizhou (5,588 spp.). The five provinces with the highest species endemism are Sichuan (57.6%), Hubei (46.1%), Yunnan (43.9%), Gansu (42.4%), and Qinghai (41.5%).

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1 - Missouri Botanical Garden, Science & Conservation, P.O. Box 299, St. Louis, MO, 63166, United States


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