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Williams, Jason [1].

DNA Subway: Genomics, DNA Barcoding, and RNA-Seq - Bringing Cutting-Edge Biology into the Classroom.

Educators looking to teach modern molecular biology will benefit from this half-day hands-on workshop introducing DNA Subway an educational platform for gene annotation, phylogenetics, and transcriptome analysis developed by the iPlant Collaborative (NSF - #DBI-0735191). DNA Subway bundles research-grade bioinformatics tools and databases into intuitive workflows - presenting them in an appealing interface modeled on the metaphor of a subway map. "Riding" on any of four different DNA Subway lines, users can predict and annotate genes in up to 150 kb of DNA (Red Line), identify homologs in sequenced genomes (Yellow Line), analyze DNA barcodes and construct phylogenetic trees (Blue Line), and analyze RNA-Seq data (Green Line). Workshop participants will participate in a hands-on activity, performing about a DNA barcoding lab in which students will identify plants by amplifying, sequencing and analyzing their DNA and learning how to use DNA Subway to analyze their data.

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1 - Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, 1 Bungtown Rd., Cold Spring Harbor, NY, 11724, USA, 516-367-5186

STEM Education
DNA Barcoding

Presentation Type: Workshop
Session: TBA
Location: Salmon/Boise Centre
Date: Sunday, July 27th, 2014
Time: 8:00 AM
Number: 001
Abstract ID:38
Candidate for Awards:None

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