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Attigala, Lakshmi [1], Wysocki, William P. [2], Clark, Lynn G. [3].

Understanding the temperate woody bamboo (Bambusoideae: Arundinarieae) polytomy using complete plastomes.

The bamboos (Poaceae subfamily Bambusoideae) include approximately 1,450 species classified into two tribes of woody bamboos (the tropical Bambuseae and the temperate Arundinarieae) and one tribe of herbaceous bamboos (the Olyreae).  The Arundinarieae include ca. 550 species and to date, twelve major lineages are found in this clade, mainly based on cpDNA sequence analyses, but the relationships among these clades are still not resolved. Further use of nuclear markers such as ITS, GBSSI, LEAFY, pvcel1 and pabp1 genes also failed to resolve the backbone of the Arundinarieae. Thus, the primary objective of the current study was to conduct molecular phylogenetic studies of the temperate woody bamboo clade using complete plastome data. This study included representatives from eight of the twelve major lineages of Arundinarieae, including the newly recognized Clade XII (the Sri Lankan/southern Indian temperate woody bamboos). Plastomes were analyzed using Maximum Parsimony, Maximum likelihood and Bayesian Inference.  Preliminary results provide strong support for the deeper relationships within some temperate woody bamboo clades [e.g., the Arundinaria clade (Clade VI)] and for the relationships among some of the clades [e.g., a sister relationship between Thamnocalamus (Clade VII) and the Phyllostachys clade (Clade V)]. However, relationships among some of the lineages remain unresolved. Consistent with previous studies, new data supports the monophyly of the temperate woody bamboos.

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1 - Iowa State University, Department of Ecology Evolution and Organismal Biology, 251 Bessey Hall, Ames, IA, 50011, USA
2 - Northern Illinois University, Biological Sciences, 1425 W. Lincoln Hwy, DeKalb, IL, 60115, USA
3 - Iowa State University, Department Of Ecology, Evolution, And Organismal Biology, 251 Bessey Hall, Ames, IA, 50011-1020, USA

temperate woody bamboos

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 13
Location: Pines South/Boise Centre
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
Time: 3:00 PM
Number: 13007
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Candidate for Awards:George R. Cooley Award

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