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Conservation Biology

Brabazon, Holly [1], Last, Mariana [1], Chan, Lauren M. [1], Johnson, Leigh A. [1].

Historical phylogeography and taxonomy of Cycladenia humilis (Apocynaceae) inferred from chloroplast and nuclear gene sequence data.

Cycladenia humilis, the sole species of Cycladenia, is an enigmatic perennial, rhizomatous herb widely separated geographically from its closest relatives that occur natively in the southeastern U.S. and Caribbean. With a fragmented distribution in California, Utah, and northern Arizona, C. humilis is likely a paleoendemic persisting in niches unfavorable to many other species. Taxonomically, three varieties are generally recognized: C. humilis var. venusta in southern California; C. humilis var. humilis in northern California, and C. humilis var. jonesii in Utah and northern Arizona. To investigate historical phylogeography, genetic structure of populations, and subspecific taxonomic boundaries, we comparatively sequenced three chloroplast regions, the nuclear ITS & ETS regions, and multiple single copy nuclear regions from populations spanning the entire geographic range of this species. Analyses, including nested clade analysis, AMOVA, and fields for recombination were applied to these data. cpDNA and nrDNA identify considerable genetic structure in C. humilis that has a strong geographic component. Other nuclear regions not only support these data, but also indicate considerable heterozygosity among individuals, identify metapopulation clusters that share alleles not observed in other metapopulation clusters, and offer insights into the historical demography of this species. These data provide a useful framework for conservation planning and a rational basis for delineating subspecific taxa in this species.

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1 - Brigham Young University, Biology, 401 Widb, Provo, UT, 84602, USA

species delimitation
rare species

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Location: Firs North/Boise Centre
Date: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
Time: 11:30 AM
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