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Wenzel, Aaron [1], Wolfe, Andrea [2].

Investigation of systematics and taxonomy of Penstemon section Ericopsis (Plantaginaceae) using a next-generation sequencing (NGS) approach.

With ca. 280 species, the genus Penstemon (Plantaginaceae) Mitchell represents the largest plant genus endemic to North America, and it is hypothesized to have parallel adaptive radiations throughout the western cordillera. Section Ericopsis is a group of 15 species native to the Intermountain Region of North America; it is also one group in Penstemon that remains the most ambiguous systematically, with many different researchers shuffling species into and out of the section.  We previously reported a molecular phylogenetic study of the section using 3 low-copy nuclear genes.  Although the results provided support for a previous hypothesis regarding placement of several species within the section, the loci used were not informative enough to fully elucidate relationships among all species in Ericopsis.  Here, we report the findings of our continued systematic research of Ericopsis, including results from a next-generation sequencing approach using a targeted amplicon technique to sequence more loci in the hope of fully resolving all relationships among species in Ericopsis.  The results of this study shed light onto the correct taxonomic treatment of the section as well as biogeographic patterns of species in Ericopsis.

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1 - Ohio State University, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology, 318 W. 12th Ave, Columbus, OH, 43210, USA
2 - Ohio State University, Department Of Ecology, Evolution, And Organismal Biology, 318 W. 12th Avenue, COLUMBUS, OH, 43210-1293, USA

next generation sequencing.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 45
Location: River Fork/Grove
Date: Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
Time: 2:45 PM
Number: 45006
Abstract ID:581
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