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Pollination Biology

Cradic, Alyssa [1], Krakos , Kyra Neipp [2].

A Comparative Study on Phenology Shifts of P.digitalis and V.virginicum.

The purpose of this research is to understand how plant phenology has shifted over the past fifteen years, and to understand if and how plant-pollinator roles for two species have changed over that time. This study was conducted at Shaw Nature Reserve and focused on the flowering species Veronicastrum virginicum and Penstemon digitalis.We asked the following questions: 1. How has the phenology changed for these two plant species in the last 15 years? 2. Who were the primary pollinators of V. virginicum, and P. digitalis 15 years ago? 3. Who are the current primary pollinators of V. virginicum, and P. digitalis? 4. Is P. digitalis currently experiencing pollen limitation? Pollinator observations were taken for two different plant species and were then compared to pollinator observations taken from 15 years ago. Hand pollination treatments (self, open, getionogomy, and outcross) were used to determine if P. digitalis was experiencing pollen limitation. Bagged sets, from both self and open treatments were collected for V. virginicum. Results indicate that the primary pollinator of both species are Bombus spp. Although both P. digitalis and V. virginicum have shifted in bloom time, their pollen systems have remained stable over the past 15 years. There is no significant difference between any of the treatments, therefore, P. digitalis is self-compatible and not experiencing pollen limitation (p = 0.928).This research is part of a larger study at Shaw Nature Reserve that examines the reproductive biology of 100 plant species.

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1 - Maryville University , 650 Maryville University Drive, St Louis, MO, 63141, USA
2 - Maryville University, Biology, 650 Maryville University, St Louis, MO, 63141, USA

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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
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