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Undergraduate Capstone Research Projects as Models for Botany Experiments.

Engaging undergraduate students in Botany class experiments derived from undergraduate student senior capstone research projects provided a context for undertaking experiments, gave students in class a chance to participate in and add to research efforts, and an incentive to engage in follow-up capstone research projects.  At DSU, to provide students with a graduate program-like experience, all graduating senior students in biology complete an undergraduate capstone research project.  Students in Botany, second semester general education/majors course, often know and are aware of students who have recently graduated and their research projects.  Participating in experiments based on senior research projects in class provided an immediate context and incentive for follow-up studies.  A couple years after reading an assigned article in Botany, “Autumnal Foliage Can Be Pretty Tree-Killers” (ABC News 2005), a senior student examined selection for antibiotic resistance for three laboratory bacteria strains and effects of <em>Euonymus alatus<em> leaves on selection for antibiotic resistance.  Students in botany the next year followed up by examining effects of green and red <em>Euonymus alatus<em> leaves on plant growth.  Subsequently, two students undertook capstone research projects, one that examined effects of leaves of different color on growth of selected bacterial species and the other on effects of pigments in floral parts on growth of selected bacteria.  Additional follow-up studies based on capstone research projects have examined mycorrhizae and plant growth.  Connecting senior undergraduate research projects with student experiences in the classroom can create a context for understanding scientific research and applications within and beyond the classroom.

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1 - DAKOTA STATE UNIV, COLL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES, Science Center, 820 N. Washington Ave, MADISON, SD, 57042, USA


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Date: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014
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