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Ecological Section

Hersh, Evan [1], Madjidian, Josefin [2], Andersson, Stefan [3], Strandh, Maria [4], Lankinen, Asa [5].

Sexual antagonism in a mixed-mating hermaphrodite plant.

A sexual conflict may be influenced by ecological context and mating system, implying the importance of evaluating multiple populations in order to understand evolutionary outcome of the conflict. In self-compatible, mixed-mating hermaphrodite Collinsia heterophylla, a sexual conflict over timing of stigma receptivity has been proposed involving 1) delayed receptivity causing enhanced pollen competition, and 2) forced early fertilization causing reduced seed production. To explore possible evolutionary outcomes of this conflict, we performed greenhouse crosses within eight populations that differed in mating system. We found a cost of early fertilization in all populations. Overall, the timing of stigma receptivity was only influenced by recipients, denoting stronger female control over onset. Outcrossing rate was not related to timing of stigma receptivity or level of female control over onset. However, the magnitude of the cost of early fertilization was positively associated with female control over onset, suggesting selection for enhanced female control when costs are high. Another novel finding was a negative donor-recipient correlation for onset within hermaphrodite individuals, hinting at trade-offs in sex-allocation or a history of antagonistic selection. Our results implicate a general influence of antagonistic selection on patterns of timing of stigma receptivity in populations of C. heterophylla.

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1 - 3-1086 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6H1H8, Canada
2 - Lund University, Biology / Biodiversity, Ecology Building Solvegatan 37, Lund, Skane, 223 62, Sweden
3 - Lund University, Dept Of Biology / Biodiversity, Solvegatan 37, Lund, S-22362, Sweden
4 - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Plant Protection Biology, P.O. Box 44, Alnarp, Skane, 23053, Sweden
5 - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Plant Protection Biology, P.O. Box 44, Alnarp, S-230 53 , Sweden

sexually antagonistic coevolution
conflict cost
delayed stigma receptivity
Pollen competition
Collinsia heterophylla
sexual conflict.

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 1
Location: Firs South/Boise Centre
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
Time: 9:00 AM
Number: 1005
Abstract ID:820
Candidate for Awards:Ecological Section Best Graduate Student Paper

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