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Douglas, Norman [1], Flores Olvera, Hilda [2], Hernandez Ledesma, Patricia [3], Ochoterena, Helga [4], Moore, Michael J. [5].

Phylogeography and systematics of Anulocaulis (Nyctaginaceae) based on targeted sequence capture data.

Targeted sequence capture employs custom-designed baits to enable the enrichment of certain desired genomic sequences (typically tens of thousands of bp) for sequencing on next-generation instruments. The application of this technology to the study of plant evolution is in its infancy, with most attention being given to capture of entire organellar genomes from diverse lineages. We present the results of an experiment to capture and sequence 364 nuclear loci from non-model species for the purpose of resolving species-level phylogeny, and phylogeography. Anulocaulis is a genus of Nyctaginaceae that has five species, two of which are restricted to gypsum substrates in the deserts of North America. One of these species, A. leiosolenus, has four named varieties. Previous phylogenetic work has indicated that the two gypsum species are closely related, and our floristic exploration in the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico has uncovered two populations that represent new varieties of these two species. Furthermore, our results have revealed that  populations of A. leiosolenus in central Arizona have a chloroplast that is derived not from a distantly related species of Anulocaulis that is not a gypsum endemic. The results of our sequence-capture experiment reveal that this approach is ideal for generating data from many loci simultaneously. After filtering, we used subsets of data in a species-tree framework to resolve the evolutionary history of these plants, revealing key diversification events following the initial adaptation to gypsum and the direction of migration through the deserts of the southwest.

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1 - Oberlin College, Department of Biology, 119 Woodland St., Oberlin, OH, 44074, USA
2 - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Biología, Departamento de Botánica, Apartado 70-367 , 3er Circuito de Ciudad Universitaria Del. Coyoacán, Mexico, D.F., 04510, Mexico
3 - Freie Universität Berlin, Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum , Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8, Berlin-Dahlem, 14195, Germany
4 - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto de Biología, Circuito exterior, Ciudad Universitaria, México, DF, CP 04510, México
5 - Oberlin College, 119 Woodland St., Science Center K111, Oberlin, OH, 44074, USA

Edaphic Endemic
targeted sequence capture

Presentation Type: Oral Paper:Papers for Sections
Session: 14
Location: Cottonwoods North/Boise Centre
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
Time: 3:45 PM
Number: 14009
Abstract ID:824
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