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Chung, Jae-Min [1], Chung, Hye-Ran [1], So, Soonku [1], Kim, Hyun-Jun [1], Park, Kwang-Woo [1], Kim, Sung-Shik [1], Lee, Chunghee [1], Shin, Chang-Ho [1].

Ethnobotanical Study on exploration and Conservation of the Traditional Knowledge in Korea.

The great part of the traditional knowledge on useful plants and their uses is gradually vanishing due to industrialization, therefore ethnobotanical studies that explore and preserve the knowledge are in urgent needed before the knowledge are lost ever. From 2005 to 2013, ethnobotanical survey was carried out to collect and  record traditional knowledge regarding useful plants and their uses, and distribution of this knowledge at 140 cities and counties of 10 local regions in South Korea. Total of 1,768 informants(493 male and 1,275 female) were interviewed, and their average of age was 69±11.6 years old. As the results, 974 botanical taxa belonging to 506 genus and 130 families were recorded by informants for traditional knowledge, and it comprise around 25% of flora of the Korea peninsula. Of them, herbs were 658(67.6%) taxa and woody plants were 316(32.4%) taxa. And of these taxa, wild plants placed 751 taxa of total, 45 taxa for cultivated wild species, 148 taxa for introduced species for cultivation, and 30 taxa for naturalized plants. For the use for traditionally used plants, 37 categories of use were recorded, and of them, the number of citation for esculent plants represented the highest value at 58.3%, followed by medicine at 27.0%, wood at 3.7%, and ornamental at 2.4%. The result of analysis on part of plant use by the number of citations showed that leaf of plant was the most useful part at 38.3%, followed by stem at 16.1%, root at 15.9%, and fruit at 11.0%. The result of quantitative analysis showed the basic values(FC, NC, UR) and indices(RFC, CI, RI, CV), and also determined ranking for the most 20 relevant plant species by indices(RFC, CI, RI, CV). 

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1 - Korean National Arboretum, Pocheon-city, Gyeonggi-province, 487-821, Republic of Korea

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Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
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