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Huang, Han-Yau [1], Chung, Kuo-Fang [2], Peng, Ching-I [3].

A population genetics study of widespread Begonia (Begoniaceae) species from limestone karst area in Guangxi China.

To investigate the origin of limestone karst biodiversity, this project takes Sino- Vietnamese limestone Begonia as a model system. We incorporate the studies of population genetics and phylogeography of limestone Begonia to test the hypothesis of allopatric speciation via isolation-by-distance triggered by extensive karstification. We sampled 20 populations of a widely distributed species of Begonia sect. Coelocentrum, B. luzhaiensis, from limestone karst area of Guangxi, China. Using next-generation sequencing (NGS) technique, 44,368 contigs were assembled, revealing 5,602 EST-SSR loci and resulting in 12 polymorphic EST-SSR markers for B. luzhaiensis. Significantly high Fst suggests strong population differentiation. Based on Bayesian clustering analyses, all populations were restrictively distributed in isolation localities. Mantel Tests indicate a significant positive correlation between genetic differentiation and geographic distances, concurring to geographic speciation via isolation-by-distance. Haplotype network reconstructed using cpDNA trnC-ycf6 sequences portrays a highly geographic-correlated phylogeographic pattern, also supporting the hypothesis of population differentiation via geographic isolation. Our data support strongly the importance of extensive karstification in shaping the species diversity on the Sino-Vietnamese limestone karsts. From a conservation prospective, geographically isolated populations on limestone karsts often harbor unique genetic variation that is threaten by rapid habitat destructions and their uniqueness deserves high conservation priority.

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1 - National Taiwan University, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617, Taiwan(R.O.C)
2 - National Taiwan University, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, 10617, Taiwan
3 - Academia Sinica, Biodiversity Research Center, 128 Academia Road, Section 2, Nankang, , Taipei , 11529, Taiwan(R.O.C)

next generation sequencing
non-adaptive radiation
phylogenetic network.

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Location: Eyrie/Boise Centre
Date: Monday, July 28th, 2014
Time: 5:30 PM
Number: PBG017
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