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Campbell, Alicia [1], Gilland, Keith [2], Keiffer, Carolyn [3].

Successional Chronosequence of Woody Restoration in Strip Mined Land in Zanesville, Ohio.

Strip mining has had a large impact on the natural successional progression of plant species. This study creates a chronosequence comparing the woody vegetation found on remnant forest patches and reclaimed lands of differing ages. The project was completed at The Wilds, a former strip mine located near Zanesville, Ohio. The goal of this study is to develop a reforestation plan for unreclaimed mined land. Six sites, representing three ages: remnant, pre-1966 and 1966-1973 were studied. Trees > 1 inch DBH were sampled using the point center method along eight 100 meter transects. Preliminary results indicated that the species with the highest importance values in the remnant forest are Quercus rubra, Acer saccharum and Pinus strobusAilanthus altissima, Robinia pseudoacacia and Acer saccharinum have the highest importance values in the 1966-1973 sites. In the pre-1966 sites, Liriodendron tulipifera, Pinus strobus, Betula nigra, and Acer saccharinum had the highest importance values. Invasive shrubs Elaeagnus umbellata and Rosa multiflora are abundant in the two mined sites, while native shrubs Lindera benzoin and Rubus occidentalis were only found in the remnant sites. Generally, the mined sites contain many invasive and pioneer, r species, while the remnant sites contain native, hardwood, K species. The remnant forest sites have, on average, a greater abundance and diversity of trees than both mined sites. Soil compaction data from each stand is also being collected, analyzed, and GIS maps created in ArcMap in order to provide more detailed recommendations for future reforestation efforts. LandSat images of the sites are also being compiled in ArcMap to create a visual chronosequence of the areas.   

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1 - 5274 Bentwood Dr, Mason, OH, 45040, USA
2 - Miami University, Biology, 4200 E. University Blvd, Middletown, OH, 45042, USA
3 - Miami University, Biology, 4200 E. University Blvd, Middletown, OH, 45042, United States

Restoration Ecology
Strip Mining.

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Date: Wednesday, July 30th, 2014
Time: 1:30 PM
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