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Anatomy and Morphology

XU, JIAWEI [1], Snow, Neil [2].

Morphology and Patterns of Leaf Venation in New Caledonian Syzygium (Myrtaceae) .

The island of New Caledonia is a globally recognized biodiversity ‘hotspot’ characterized by a rich flora and a large number of endemic species, combined with highly threatened natural ecosystems. It has about 3400 native plant species, nearly three quarters of which are endemic. Syzygium, the largest woody genus in the world, is common in New Caledonia with approximately 70 species, but remains poorly studied overall. Several specimens of Syzgium appear to be new species in need of scientific descriptions. The long-term viability of New Caledonian Syzgium and other Myrtaceae are threatened by the myrtle rust virus (Austropuccinia psidii), and localized mining operations may pose conservation concerns. Many species of conservation concern in Syzygium still lack protection, and any new information is potentially useful for identifying new populations. This study of leaf architectural traits among New Caledonian Syzygium is being conducted to develop a dichotomous (identification) key based on morphological characters including leaf blade length, leaf base shape, petiole width, oil gland size, and oil gland density, and similar traits. The key will be of immediate practical value to field researchers, given the many species and that individuals only flower irregularly. In addition, leaf anatomical traits represent can be used for basic scientific research in the disciplines of ecophysiology, evolution, and ecology, and provide insights into the patterns observed or rested in these areas. The study also will analyze in detail patterns of leaf venation using leaf clearing techniques. Leaf venation patterns help interpret the relationship between plant form and function, and provide insight to how plant interacts with their environment.

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1 - Pittsburg State University, Biology, Pittsburg, Kansas, 66762, USA
2 - Pittsburg State University, Department of Biology, Kansas, 66762

New Caledonia

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