July 26 - 30 2014 - The Boise Centre - Boise, Idaho

Botany 2014 - Featured Speakers


Plenary Speaker


Charles Mann
Botany: A Human Science

Sunday, July 27
7:30 pm
to be followed by the
All-Society Mixer

Annals of Botany
Special Lecture

Spencer Barrett

Evoluton of sex ratios
and gender strategies in flowering plants.

Monday, July 28


Pelton Award Lecture

Martha Hawes

Extracellular DNA-based
trapping by border cells in defense of the root tip.

Wednesday, July 30


Regional Botany
Special Lecture

Steve Novak

The Sagebrush-steppe
Sea: Beautiful and
Imperiled Ecosystems
of the
Intermountain West

Tuesday, July 29

Kaplan Memorial Lecture

Sarah Hake

A new angle on the maize leaf

Tuesday, July 29

to be followed by the
Kaplan Reception
(ticketed event)

Enhancing Scientist Diversity in Plant Biology Luncheon

Michael Dockry

Enhancing Research Through Human Diversity: Reflections on human diversity and the future of the biological sciences

Tuesday, July 29

Address of the BSA President Elect

Tom Ranker

Evolution and Extinction on a Volcanic Hotspot: Science, Conservation, and Restoration
in the Endangered Species
Capital of the World.

Wednesday, July 30

Symposium Sponsored in part by the
International Journal of Plant Sciences

Phylogenetic Comparative Methods and Approaches in Plant Science

Organized by John Schenk


Monday, July 28

Address of the ASPT
President Elect

Patrick Herendeen

ASPT ≡ You
Address to be presented at the ASPT Banquet

Tuesday, July 29