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26004Pines North/Boise CentreDiversity of secretory structures in Urena lobata L.: ontogenesis, anatomy and biology of the secretion
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Developmental and Structural SectionPaperCotta Coutinho , Italo Antonio; Akemi Ponce Otuki, Sara; Ferreira Fernandes, Valéria; STROZI ALVES MEIRA , RENATA MARIA.extrafloral nectaries
floral nectaries
leaf-tooth hydathodes
mucilage idioblasts
secretory trichomes
27004Firs North/Boise CentreSex expression and reproduction of federally threatened Euphorbia telephioides (Euphorbiaceae), a North-American endemic species
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Conservation BiologyPaperNegronOrtiz, Vivian.Sex expression
Euphorbia telephioides
reproductive biology
in-situ seed germination
federally listed
28004Firs South/Boise CentreEvolutionary insights from transcriptome comparisons of the serpentine endemic Caulanthus amplexicaulis var. barbarae and its non-serpentine sister species, C. amplexicaulis var. amplexicaulis
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Molecular Ecology and EvolutionPaperHawkins, Angela K.; Pepper, Alan E. .Brassicaceae
Serpentine soils
29004River Fork/GroveEpiphytic macrolichen indication of air quality and climate in interior forested mountains of the Pacific Northwest, USA
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Bryological and Lichenological Section/ABLSPaperRoot, Heather; Geiser, Linda; Jovan, Sarah.lichen
Air Quality
Climate change
Pacific Northwest
Nitrogen deposition
30004Payette/Boise CentreBiogeographic history of Andean Vaccinieae (Ericaceae)
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperSalinas , Nelson R; Pedraza, Paola.Biogeography
Comparative methods
Andean plants
31004Pines South/Boise CentreExploration of reticulate evolution in Amaryllidaceae tribe Hippeastreae (Asparagales) using sequence capture and NGS of low-copy nuclear markers
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Systematics Section/ASPTPaperGarcia, Nicolas; MEEROW , ALAN WILLIAM; Gitzendanner, Mathew A; Chamala, Srikar; Soltis, Douglas E.; SOLTIS, PAMELA S..monocots
nuclear marker
target enrichment
47002Clearwater/GroveNiche Divergence in Tolmiea (Saxifragaceae): using Ecological Niche Modeling to develop a testable hypothesis for a diploid-autotetraploid species pair
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Ecological SectionPaperVisger, Clayton J; Germain-Aubrey, Charlotte; SOLTIS, PAMELA S.; Soltis, Douglas E..Tolmiea
niche modeling
C2004Salmon/Boise CentreStewart Valley - An update on the Miocene landscape, flora, and vegetation of west-central Nevada
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The Miocene vegetation and environment of Western North AmericaSymposiumERWIN , DIANE MARIE; Myers , Jeffrey Alan.Stewart Valley
Great Basin
Macro fossils
SY06002Snake/Boise CentreVision and Change in the department and across the curriculum
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Vision & Change in Undergraduate Botany EducationSymposiumSchussler, Elisabeth E..curriculum reform
Vision & Change

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